Electron John has seven channels in toatal.

Electron JohnEdit

Electron John's main channel for Let's Plays, and anouncments formed on April 1, 2013.


Electron John's channel for his clan-

Electron John, Sucka Conboy , MonkeyJakooVSGaming, Phillo, Ben The Best

He created the channel on May 15,2013


Electron John also has a vlog channel (which is very inactive) created on May 24,2013.

Random Gaming with Electron JohnEdit

This is Electron John's side channel for doing random games, like Fruit Ninja. He doesn't do full Let's Plays on the channel, however, he does do minigames as if it was like an Let's Play Movie, or just a Longplay. This channel was formed September 8, 2013.

Collab ChannelsEdit


This is collab Channel with Sucka Conboy,NintendoBigGun, & Electron Johnformed April 20, 2013. The channel also features guests and invitational tournaments.


This is a 2-4 player collab channel featuring DannyRock,Michael McNally,KipMafiaRain,& Electron John.