JohnTheClanChan is Electron John's 2nd YouTube channel formed May 12, 2013. Smosh Games' Game Bang inspired him to have a channel with a clan, so he teamed up with 4 more

Snapshot 2013512

Original photo for JohnTheClanChan made by Electron John

"LPer's", one of which is offline on YouTube and currently switched to Vimeo.


Electron John runs 6 serials on JohnTheClanChan:

  • Playtime with 2 Gamers
  • BiG BANG
  • JohnClanChan VS.
  • Karting and Surfing LIVE
  • MonkeyJakoo’s Minecrafting Xbox Survival Fury
  • Extras (Sets of Bonus Videos)


  • The channel is one of two channels that are not connected to Google + and uses a Google + Profile under "John Clanchan", changed to "JohnTheClanChan GPlusPage".
  • John calls the channel his 2nd channel, most likely because it was the second channel from John formed, besides the fact his Random Gaming Channel is his "side channel".
  • It's the oldest "other" channel he has ran.
  • It's the first channel of John's to have a custom thumbnail for a video besides his own channel, which was second.
  • Phillo's main channel is currently off YouTube for an unknown reason, so he might not be part of the clan as originally planned; however, he has a let's play Vimeo network.